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Ruysdael Slaapkliniek

At Ruysdael Slaapkliniek we help you smoothly, happily and well. With the right diagnosis and a concrete solution, you will get your night’s sleep back and you will wake up energetically again.

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Ruysdael Slaapkliniek

Ruysdael Slaapkliniek is a specialized clinic for diagnosis and treatment in the field of sleeping problems.

At Ruysdael Slaapkliniek we believe in the importance of a good, fast diagnosis and offering the right, concrete solution. That is why we strive to ensure that you have an appointment with one of our somnologists (sleep specialists) within a week.

Ruysdael Sleep research

A sleep examination takes place entirely at your home. Either way, whether the cause is found to be in your nose or throat, whether it is neurologic or otherwise, we have the right solution for you in most cases. In our pleasant, small-scale clinics in Amsterdam or The Hague.

Not a long care process, but concrete results. In addition, we provide you with a service-oriented approach. We see that as today’s concern. We notice that our patients really appreciate that practical and at the same time professional approach. Hopefully you too.

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Sleep medicine is a field that specializes in neurology, ENT and lung medicine. That is why a proper diagnosis and treatment is important that you are seen by a specialist who oversees the entire spectrum and at the same time has specialist knowledge. Ruysdael Slaapkliniek therefore has a multi-disciplinary team of doctors.

That is why Ruysdael Slaapkliniek takes a broad look at your sleeping problem. The intake is done by one of our somnologists. These are doctors who are certified by the European Association of Sleep Medicine and who can call themselves a sleep specialist.

Ruysdael Amsterdam
Ruysdaelstraat 49 A1 unit D
1071 XA Amsterdam
Ruysdael Den Haag
The Hague
Parkweg 27
2585 JH The Hague
Ruysdael Hilversum
Van Linschotenlaan 1
1212 ES Hilversum
Moergestelseweg 14
5062 JW Oisterwijk
Jan Leentvaarlaan 2
3065 DC Rotterdam

Quality & safety

Ruysdael Slaapkliniek considers quality and safety of great importance. That is why we strive for a high quality service of our medical care and services.

Working together for the best care

Our partners

Ruysdael Slaapkliniek strives to offer a solution for anyone with disturbed sleep. We have many diagnosis and treatment methods in-house. And for some parts we work together with our partners. Always looking for the best solution for you.


The psychologists at Slaapmakend offer cognitive behavioral therapy. You learn a healthy sleep pattern through an average of five sessions (50 minutes).



Our partner Vivisol comes to your home to perform the sleep investigation. A nurse will explain how it works and connect the equipment to you. Then they send the results back to us. We then view the results and discuss the results and any subsequent steps with you.