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Is snoring an innocent ailment?

Millions of people in the Netherlands snore. Some only occasionally, because they have a cold for example. But others always snore. It appears to be an innocent ailment, which can be a nuisance to the partner in particular, but snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition where breathing stops or even stops occasionally.

How do snoring sounds arise?

Snoring sounds can occur in various places in the mouth and throat. This is due to a narrowing of the airway and the additional vibration of the tissues on site. The most common area where these sounds occur is the soft palate and the scum. Snoring is also caused by dropping back into the throat of the throat tonsils, the tongue and the sucking or chattering of the larynx.

What can you do about it yourself?

If snoring is a nuisance for your partner, you can try a number of solutions and tips yourself. All of these solutions are aimed at eliminating the narrowing of the airways, mouth and throat and thus reducing snoring.

  • Quit smoking
  • To lose weight
  • Do not drink alcohol before bed
  • Sleep on the side instead of the back
  • Use nasal spray to keep the nose open
  • Use nose strips to keep the nose open

Do you have questions or do these solutions not work sufficiently? Do you think that you may also have sleep apnea in addition to snoring? The specialists at the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek are happy to think along with you about your sleep and that of your partner.

More extensive treatments are also possible at the Ruysdael Sleep Clinic. You can read more about this below.


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