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Behandelingen Positietherapie

Position therapy

Position therapy, a treatment against sleep apnea for people who especially have sleep apnea when they sleep on their backs.

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Another treatment for sleep apnea is position therapy. This method is suitable for people who especially have sleep apnea when they sleep on their backs. This is registered during the sleep test.

With position therapy you wear a small device, the Sleep Position Trainer, that detects your sleeping position. When you lie on your back, the device responds with a small vibration. Without waking up you turn to a different sleeping position. This way you train not to sleep on your back anymore and to prevent sleep apnea. An additional advantage is that people who snore as well as sleep apnea start snoring much less because they no longer lie on their backs.

During the trial period, it will be determined whether the position therapy for you is effective and whether you tolerate it well. Unfortunately, not everyone tolerates this therapy and sometimes users or their partner wake up from the vibrations. You will also have to get used to sleeping in other positions and gradually learn to sleep on your back.

For position therapy we work with both the Night Balance, a device around the chest, like the Night Shift, a device in the neck. Position therapy is a simple method that is easy to use and gives little inconvenience.

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