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Sleep research at your home

Very easy, but so reliable

An appointment at the Ruysdael Sleep Clinic

During the first consultation you discuss your symptoms with the doctor and you will be examined further if necessary, for example in your mouth and throat. The doctor then decides whether a sleep test should be performed.

What is a sleep study?

During a sleep test, also called polysomnography (PSG), measurements are taken during your sleep. The measurements record for example breath stops (apnea), snoring and the oxygen level of your blood. It also measures the position in which you sleep and records various sleep phases. During the sleep examination you wear a device that records measurements and a number of sensors are stuck to your body.

The sleep test takes place at home

The sleep examination of the Ruysdael Sleep Clinic takes place at your home. So you do not have to sleep in a hospital overnight. This is easier and easier for you to fit into your agenda. In addition, we believe that the result of a sleep test that is done at home is much more reliable than when you sleep in a strange bed.

You also do not have to pick up the equipment for the sleep examination at the Ruysdael Sleep Clinic, but it is brought to your home and installed by a nurse who explains everything exactly. The equipment will be picked up at your home the next morning.

Appointment for the sleep test

A separate appointment will be made with you for the sleep test. You will receive detailed explanation in advance how you can prepare.

Result of the sleep study

The results of the sleep test are known within approximately two weeks. You discuss the results of the sleep test and the possibilities for possible treatment with the doctor. This appointment is by telephone or in the sleep clinic.