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MRA anti-snurkbeugel

Anti-snoring bracket or MRA

MRA or an anti-snoring brace, a simple and effective method against snoring and sleep apnea.

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Anti-snoring bracket

An anti-snoring bracket that is used the most is the MRA, this stands for manduilar reposition device.

You may qualify for an anti-snoring brace if you have light or moderate sleep apnea, if you only snore or if this is the best solution for you for other reasons. Your sleep specialist will discuss this with you.

You wear the anti-snoring bracket when you sleep. The brace prevents your tongue, larynx or hood and soft palate from closing the airways while sleeping. By placing the lower jaw forward one centimeter with the bracket, more space is created everywhere in the mouth and throat. As a result, there are no more breathing stops and you also do not snore much or much less. An anti-snoring brace is therefore a simple and effective method against snoring and sleep apnea.

An MRA can cause complaints of pain in the jaw joint, usually disappearing over time. It is also important to massage your muscles around the jaw joint in the morning. In the mouth itself, MRA is well tolerated by most people. Sometimes the teeth can be damaged by the pull forward. It is also possible to place an MRA on someone without teeth. It is important that there are at least 2 implants in the lower jaw. This type of MRA for people without teeth is worn without dentures.

Our treatment

At Ruysdael Slaapkliniek we only use high-quality anti-snoring braces (Somnodent) and we work with specialized dentists, who measure the anti-snoring brace (Resmed) for you. A photo and a print of your teeth will be made. The bracket is then tailor-made for you. The exact adjustment of the bracket takes place when you come to collect the bracket.

After a while, a check will take place and possibly also a sleep test with an anti-snoring brace to determine whether the brace fits properly and whether the complaints have actually been reduced.

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