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Neurologist, somnologist

dr. Raymond Vogels

“Sleeping well keeps you physically and mentally healthy. Discovering the cause and resolving sleep disturbances is a hugely challenging and useful profession.”

Doctor Vogels studied medicine at Maastricht University. He then specialized in neurology and promotion at St. Lucas-Andreas Hospital and VUMC in Amsterdam.

He has a passion for the field of sleep disorders. He has been working as a neurologist at NWZ in Alkmaar since 2007, and as a somnologist is very actively involved in the sleep clinic in that hospital.

In 2016, doctor Vogels obtained the somnologist certificate from the European Sleep Research Society, the European association for sleep disorders. This makes him a certified sleep expert in addition to being a neurologist.

Since 2019, Dr. Vogels has been involved with the Ruysdael Sleep Clinic. His focus is on making a diagnosis and treating sleep disturbances that are not related to breathing.