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Operation on the uvula and the palate

An operation on the uvula and palate. This operation ensures that there is more room in your mouth and throat for you to snore less.

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An operation on the uvula and palate. In some cases it may be decided in consultation with the specialist in the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek to have surgery of the cleft and the palate to solve a snoring problem.

This procedure can be done with most people under local anesthesia. With an electric knife, the hull is reduced and with a needle the inside of the soft palate is heated. The result is that the palate becomes a little stiffer and, together with the hood, will vibrate less and cause snoring noises. Heating with the needle from the inside can be repeated a number of times if necessary.
It is good to realize that snoring diminishes considerably after this procedure, but usually does not disappear completely.

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