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Costs & insurance

Submit a claim to your health insurer

Depending on your health insurer, we can declare the costs of your treatment automatically, or you must submit the declaration yourself. Below you can read what applies to you.

Covered healthcare

Your treatment at the Ruysdael Slaapkliniek is reimbursed by all health insurers if you have been referred by your general practitioner or medical specialist and there is a medical indication.You must of course take your deductible into account.

Claim yourself or not?

If you are insured with one of the health insurers below, unfortunately we cannot claim immediately:

  • Achmea
  • Anderzorg
  • Amersfoortse
  • ASR
  • CZ
  • Delta Lloyd
  • Ditzo
  • Eno
  • Menzis
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • OHRA

In that case you will receive the bill at home.

For all other health insurers we can declare directly, so you do not have to do anything yourself.

What should I do if Ruysdael Slaapkliniek cannot claim directly from my health insurer?

If we cannot claim directly from your health insurer, you can follow the step-by-step plan below:

1. You submit the invoice to your health insurer

If you submit the invoice to your insurer immediately upon receipt, it will normally pay you within our payment term, after which you can settle our bill. You do not have to pay anything in advance.

2. You will receive a specification from your health insurer

In this specification, the invoice is divided into three amounts:

  1. The amount that will be reimbursed. This will be transferred to you by your health insurance.
  2. The amount that falls within your own risk. These are your own costs.
  3. The amount that is not reimbursed. This is waived by us.

3. You pay the bill to Ruysdael Slaapkliniek yourself, using the amount received from your health insurer.

Of the three amounts above, you transfer the first and second amount (i.e. the reimbursed amount and the own rick part) to the following bank account:

NL 13 INGB 000 69 75 638
In the name of Stichting Ruysdael Clinics
Citing the invoice number in the payment description

The third amount is waived by us.

4. You send us the specification from your health insurer

Finally, email a photo or scan of the specification to facturen@ruysdaelclinics.nl.